Why Shop With Us?

Why Shop With Us?

"Glasses are just costly to make ... Well you're paying for the quality ... You need an expensive lens because your prescription is high ... you need an upgraded coating because of your astigmatism". These are some of the biggest lies in the optical industry.

That's where we come in.

Our company was founded by Nationally Certified Opticians who are truly passionate about optics. We have worked in labs and manufactured lenses, worked alongside independent Optometrists and big box chain retailers and always felt guilty about selling a medical device for a sometimes unattainable amount.

The day our Co-Founder and CEO saw a woman crying when one of his co-workers told that her that she had to spend $1,200 dollars on a pair of glasses, that it was a necessity for her prescription, which was a blatant lie, is the day the our company was born.

You see the thing that's wrong with the optical industry is most opticians, eyewear sales associates, etc. Work off of commission. Further more some Dr's actually own the optical! Imagine if your surgeon worked off of commision, or if your Family Physician owned the pharmacy. That's a scary thought!

Here is an in-depth video breaking down everything that's happening currently in the optical industry.

Our promise to you.

We will put your eye-health first, none of our employees will be paid commissions, and we will strive to be honest and transparent in all of our endeavors.

Thank you!